Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yom Kippur at Sdot Yam

Yom Kippur at Sdot Yam
Worldwide Church of God ^ | 09-22-07 | David Ben-Ariel

Today was Yom Kippur, so I begin to write on a "clean slate," beginning with synagogue services (2 1/2 hrs.) last night to usher in this holiest of Jewish days.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Israel enables Nazi-Muslims

I was never arrested, I was never charged of being involved in any plot, or anything illegal, but I was the target of politico-religious persecution for exposing Israeli hypocrisy in pretending they respect religious freedom while enabling Nazi-Muslims to trample the religious rights of Christians and Jews daily upon the TEMPLE Mount that they presently occupy. They forbid Christians or Jews from praying or reading the Bible on the most holy site where the temples stood, Jesus taught and the disciples worshiped.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

David Ben-Ariel's Return to Zion!

I am not permanently barred from Israel and will return to Zion soon, by the grace of God (let the nations know they are but men).

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FBI on the Fourth of July!

FBI on the Fourth of July!

This was written before 9/11...

Learn from my mistake if you don't want the FBI knocking on your door! I had read or heard that if you don't properly LOG OUT that someone who's computer savvy can enter your site and appear as you. Because I was in a hurry the other day, I just shut my computer off without logging out.

Today, ironically July 4th, 2 FBI agents knocked on my door and said they wanted to question me. [I'm a descendant of John Adams, JQA and James Buchanan]. First they said I had to go with them to be questioned and I refused, insisting they could ask me any questions they wanted right here. They said I had to go with them. I asked if they had a warrant. They said they didn't need one, and that that was "new." The one man and black woman ended up questioning me for over an hour here.

They said I had sent a bomb threat to the FBI in New York City against some Hindu festival. I said I did NOT. I told them that I wouldn't do that and am not so stupid anyway, especially since I know e-mails can be traced since I had gone to the FBI last year to report several death threats I had received (which they said they traced to east Jerusalem).

The FBI agents said the threat came from my computer, but that it was made to appear to have originated in Jordan. I don't know how to do that, and didn't do it. It just happens that I recently didn't log out after I had been on an Arab forum - [now defunct] - from JORDAN. Obviously, one of my enemies there abused the situation.

The FBI agents asked if I had any enemies. I said any militant Muslims could hate me for calling upon the Israeli government to build the Temple; that traditional Christians could hate me for speaking the plain truth that contradicts their pagan beliefs; that some Jews could hate me if they thought I was a "missionary," etc. I also gave them the name of the former Church member, an embittered, demon-possessed person who had written Israel that I was going to try and blow up the mosque to stop the peace process. That's why Israel unjustly deported me - fears based upon LIES.

I referred the FBI agents to my [former] website and to my frequent Jerusalem Post letters, and my book Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall to clearly see my beliefs that are honestly on record - and ENTIRELY aboveground and LEGAL. I have nothing to hide and am completely innocent, so I spoke with them and wished them a good Fourth as they left. The moral of this all-too-true story: LOG OUT!

But it doesn't end there. I called and complained to the FBI director in this area about being lied to by his agent. The director said I was correct, that there wasn't any change in the law that demanded I go with them for questioning without a warrant.

Later I agreed to permit the FBI to come and copy my hard drive, to further prove my innocence (although some friends were angry that I enabled my rights to be infringed upon). That time the nice black lady returned with someone new, not the Italian man who lied to me. She appeared sincerely interested in my book and biblical beliefs, which we discussed while the fellow was working with my computer. I said if they had any further questions they could call me to come downtown to their office.

They must have "solved" their case, because she's since been transferred to Detroit and I haven't heard anything more from them about it. As I told her, I just figured they used that as an excuse to question me and remind me they're aware of me, not that it was necessary at all. She insisted the FBI in New York really had received a bomb threat allegedly from me. God knows.


Some have since informed me that it isn't necessarily true about hackers getting in when you don't log out and strange coincidence that after those visits The Jerusalem Post - who had published practically every letter I sent them - abruptly ceased to do so.

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Steve's dead and I'm deprived of a good friend

Doris, Steve's mom (my friend Steve Gwinn from Toledo, Ohio who saved all my cards and letters that inspired this Life is a Trek blog), was going through some papers today and found this aerogramme from me from Jerusalem, Israel with a return address of a friend in Jerusalem who lived on Efrata:
June 28, '95
12:45 PM
Dearest Doris,
Shalom from Jerusalem.
How it makes me sick to write you under such circumstances. I called home & my mom & sister Kim told me about Steve. I also received more information & funeral announcements from Tony in the mail the other day.
Even though I'm not surprised, I'm still incapable of believing my beloved friend Steve won't be one of the first people to call whenever I'm back in the States again. I do know about & believe in the hope of our resurrection and reconciliation, but meanwhile feel deprived of a good friend who's been through heaven & hell with me - from Ohio & Michigan, to West Virginia & Florida.
I appreciate hearing you had my book out at the showing & that picture of Steve, Richard & I in my mom's kitchen. I hope Steve received at least the one postcard I had sent him. I've been so busy working at a guest house - where I was used like a slave since I was broke & needed a place to stay - that I hardly wrote anyone.
Now I'm working the night shift for a youth hostel near the old walled City of Jerusalem, near the Damascus Gate. I'll find out very soon whether or not I'll get permanent residence here or not. If so, then I'll be able to get a real job & get an apt. If not I'll return to the States somehow.
I met Jerusalem's mayor & ex-mayor briefly recently. I've also met a lot of nice people. I'll keep you posted & in my prayers.
Love you,

Monday, September 03, 2007

Warning the Jews

Warning the Jews

My enemies (if you don't have any, God is your enemy), knowing that I've written that the mosques must go - the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aksa mosques - have falsely accused me of being in a plot to destroy those beautiful abominations! It's the serpent up to his old tricks, telling half-truths and mixing it with outrageous lies. I did tell the GSS (Israel's Secret Police like the former East German Stasi) that I was thankful for the opportunity to clear the air and answer any questions. I didn't want to incriminate myself in any way - and they did try to entrap me - but I also didn't want to deny Christ the opportunity to testify before them (Mark 12:13).

All the while during my six and a half hours of interrogation, I prayed only to speak what God would have me to say; nothing more or less (Luke 20:12-19). I did clearly warn them that the "peace" process is a trap; that it's about to blow up in their faces, and that a German-led Europe is going to wage a new crusade to enforce the Vatican's version of peace. Catholic Europe will backstab and betray both the Arabs and the Jews. They'll push for Jerusalem to become "an international city" (Zech. 14:2), all under the cover of UN Resolution 181.

I maintained that the only explosives that I'm involved with is the bombshell I've written, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. I continually referred them to it, stating that's where my beliefs are on public record (John 18:20). (Later I gave them a computer disk with my book on it to assist their alleged investigation). I told them I know that Israel won't take God's warning seriously, any more than those Jews who spurned Jabotinsky's efforts to save them from Hitler. (Ze'ev Jabotinsky warned the Jews of Hitler's fury but they thought he was just crying wolf). Nevertheless, God will intervene and save us after our worst time of suffering, and every survivor in Jerusalem will be holy.

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