Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rose Petals

Rose Petals

Looking at pictures from a long time ago
Gazing into faces of people I used to know
Remembering those moments when we were all so close
Now we're just fond memories, fun stories to be retold
Relationships that began to blossom as a rose
Each and every experience watched another petal unfold
Such an emotional adventure, something to cherish and hold
Like flowers picked from the field of life in a vase to behold

David Ben-Ariel

I actually wrote that poem/song when I was living as a volunteer in Israel, at a kibbutz in Israel (it's a commune, a collective farm, where in return for your work you get your room and food and a wonderful opportunity to meet other volunteers from all over the world), Kibbutz Regavim (in the middle of the country), and there was this Dutch guy who played the guitar. Maarten was his name. I told him if he played the guitar words would come to my mind and I could write a poem just listening to him play. He started playing and I started writing and this poem is the result! (After reading some old letters, I found out it wasn't that poem but the one listed here - Poems from Kibbutz Regavim)

Maarten (Holland) and David at Kibbutz Regavim

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Life is a Trek (in order)

Life is a Trek
Cape Town, RSA
Jerusalem, the Western Wall
Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan, Restal Hotel, Tiberias, Israel
Tel Aviv-Sheraton Hotel
Jerusalem the Golden
Bet Shean, The Roman Theatre
Greece - Mykonos port postcard
Lucerne: City, Lake and Rigi
Roman theater in Amman, Jordan
Trek notes
Sea of Galilee
Island of Rhodes
Kibbutz Dan during Operation Desert Storm
Kibbutz Adamit, Israel
Kibbutz Sdot Yam, Israel
Drinking Beer in Munich
Kibbutz Reshafim, Israel
End of Ulpan at Sdot Yam
Moshav Kfar Hayyim, Israel

Saturday, November 03, 2007

New World Order Coming

New World Order Coming

Yet out of ashes & rubble of repentance
A New World Order will arise

Spoken of by the Prophets who
Assure us of Europe's demise

Ten little naked emperors with
Towers will quake and fall

And the crawling Child will suddenly
Stand and walk six feet tall

The Gods will dwell among men
With Earth restored to Eden again

The King of Righteousness reigns
And nothing will ever be the same

The old world has passed away
The Dawn has given birth to a new day

Let Elijah herald Babylon is fallen, fallen
For in Judah and Jerusalem God is exulted!

Jerusalem is remembered and redeemed
Israel a Kingdom of Light to be seen

The Darkness couldn't bend Heaven's Will
Ancient of Days in His people fulfilled!

David Ben-Ariel

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall is destined to become a national debate and an international controversy because it dares to speak the plain truth in a world of lies!

Beyond Babylon

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 1
Survival Guaranteed!

The DEVASTATION unleashed against America and her British allies was without precedent. Destruction was everywhere and a body count impossible. The catastrophe was beyond calculation.

Europe - gripped with a messianic furor - justified this mass destruction of the body to "save the soul." Besides, they have the blessing of the pope. His white robes are stained with the blood of many martyrs.

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 2
Why National Defeat?

Why are we in mortal danger? Why will the American, British and Jewish people SUFFER national defeat? How could Europe ever turn against us?

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 3
Truth or Consequences

As global tensions increase, and threats of confrontation escalate, we might very well wonder whether humanity will survive. Unless there’s a GOD to intervene, we have a bleak future indeed: a DEAD PLANET! Will earth become a nuclear fireball? Will charred bones - aftermath of unleashed atomic fires - and the smoldering ruins of a suicidal civilization be all that’s left?

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 4
Victims of Tradition

Whenever our behavior gets out of control, God lets us loose control! When we’re held hostage to bad habits, and refuse to let them go, we go into captivity! A national lack of discipline results in God sending corrective punishment! Then we wake up and get with it, and beg God to save us. The whole purpose is to bring us to our knees and senses.

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 5
Europe's Fate

What’s going to happen to Europe? We know what’s going to happen to the American and British peoples, as well as to our Jewish brethren. The coming WORLD CRISIS is prophesied to fall especially hard on them. Why?

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 6
Jesus and the Jews

Why don't the Jews accept Jesus?" I've been asked that so many times. My usual reply? "Why haven't the Christians?" At least the Jews are waiting for the proper imperial restoration. The Messiah's coming to sit on DAVID'S THRONE - not Caesar's or "St. Peter's." The Anointed One's going to rule from JERUSALEM - not Rome!

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 7
Elijah's Key Role

Israel's about to host the greatest showdown on earth! A spiritual conflict of interests will create such a scene in Jerusalem that the whole world will watch! Zion will be an arena of prophets and sorcerers, warriors and kings! The forces of good and evil are set to duel: the sons of light will battle the sons of darkness, and truth will confront error head-on!

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall