Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kibbutz Sdot Yam, Israel

Aug. 20, 1989
8:24 p.m.

Girl I'm just hanging out tonight w/my friends from Yisrael, S. Afrika & Hungary. Graham (my roommate) from Calif. & I now have this room to ourselves. Our roommate Shandor (Alex)
from Hungary moved to a bigger room. This last friday was a "romantic evening" - since it was a full moon they had a special performance of singing, dancing - everyone was to dress in white. We drank vodka & vodka & more vodka. Then the Kibbutz pub opened up & I danced 'till death as usual... Omer, 18 yrs. old - kept telling me how good I dance.
This girl from Jerusalem visiting here likes me, but she's not my type. Omer & the others keep
telling me now to go walk w/them on the beach but I said I have to write you & practice my Hebrew lessons since I have class mahar (tomorrow) after I work in the bananna groves. After
dancing Fri. night 'till 3 I left the pub which was still packed to walk alone on the beach under the full moon, listening to the surf, looking at the stars... 2 guys who had a bonfire going walked past me to swim in the big waves. NAKED! I sat down & waited for them to come back in... They asked if I wanted coffee so I said sure, why not & sat & talked in between their 2 naked bodies until 5:30 in the morning... Nir & Yoash was their names.... Then I slept 'till 4:45 Sat. eve. & got up to see Kristina's (from Yugoslavia) boyfriend from Israel come w/her brother (cute)
Vladimir (who stays on a southern kibbutz) w/some hunk (21 yrs. old) who I introduced myself to. His name is Avi (Abraham). We were together from 5:00 until 10:00. We went to the beach together. Then he bought me J.B. & water at a bar on the beach....He gave me his address & phone no. We had a number of pictures taken together. I thought about him all today... I'd better study. Write me!
More later.

(On the back of the aerogramme is my address at Kibbutz Sdot Yam in Hebrew & English).

Now Susan from Germany,
very cute, invited me to come &
sit w/some others but I have to study!

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