Monday, May 22, 2006

Jerusalem, bird's eye view of the Old City, foreground right the Citadel

Postcard to Leo & Marian

Mon., Aug. 14, '95

Shalom! (Hebrew)
Just a note while I'm at work as a
receptionist across from the Damascus Gate.
The last time I went to the "Misrad Ha-Penim"
they further frustrated me by saying now I need
letters of recom. from Israelis. I asked "how
many?" "I don't know." When I said she must
know she said she didn't need to know.
Then I got angry & asked WHY everytime I
return they tell me I need something
else, rather than tell me everything up front.
I murmured about the socialist beauracracy
& that angered her & she wrote on my application
I said that. I told her plenty of Israelis
felt the same way. My friends said to not give up
and I would prevail. So be it. I have no problem
getting Israeli letters.
On a more positive note, our Temple Mt. Faithful demo. on Tisha' B'Av
was most successful - tho' the police are getting more rowdy - at least against Jews. I'll send you more info. soon. Cheers, David (also signed in Hebrew)

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