Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jerusalem letter to American friends

Aug. 20. '95

Shalom! (in Hebrew)
Here is an assortment of things:
quotes from Rabbi Kahane's book about Israel's
horrible “red tape” (socialist beauracracy) - that came
to mind when you mentioned how your friend said
how difficult it is to publish in Israel; a short
note about a walk for the Pgymies; a side-angle
view of me holding up Israel's flag outside the
Mugrabi Gate to the Temple Mount in Yediot Aharanot;
The Traveller magazine that includes a letter from me
inside it; an article about the City of David & the
El Ad organization (I hope to soon write a better
one myself for The National Messenger). I just went
on a city sponsored/Sabbath walking tour to the City
of David yesterday (my nose & shoulders got sun burnt!).
I've also just sent out a few letters to the Jerusalem
and Your Jerusalem about how if Jews
were forcibly denied the right to pray anywhere else
in the world how the Jewish community would be up
in arms - and if it had been Christians or Muslims
stopped by Israeli policemen the U.N. would've
condemned the flagrant violation of religious rights
Israel has sworn to uphold....But what's new?
Did you see how those “peace-loving,” coexistent Arabs
destroyed that Jewish hilltop near Efrat? They also
burnt a Torah scroll! As well as an Israeli flag.
How much proof does this gov. need of the Arab's true
intentions? Those of us in our “right” mind want a
real peace - we don't want to rest in peace!
David (also in Hebrew)
P.S. A Jewish-American group recently
were forbidden to carry Israeli flags thru
the “Muslim Quarter” for fears of unrest. Is this Palestine?
P.S.S. Gershon Salomon recently introduced me to one Avishai from Kiryat Arba.
He heads some settler organization called “Ayal.” I've been invited to
visit & probably will to show solidarity with those besieged Zionists!

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