Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Greece - Mykonos port postcard

To Steve & Dale on a postcard.

Aug. 15, 1990

Shalom! (also written in Hebrew)
We're in Israel now, but I want to use
this card - (Mykonos is Europe's #2 gay resort)- one
of many Greek islands. We spent 4 nights in
Frankfurt, in Germany with Andreas - touring the
city, 2 nights on a bus through Germany, Austria,
Yugoslavia & Greece. 4 nights in Athens, Greece
where I found Donna had left for Israel. We
went out dancing w/my former trick & before
the night was over I had 2 gorgeous people
trying to pick me up, especially this dark,
bronzed one who said "I want to make love
to you..." I just gave him a kiss & left with
John who watched it all. I said I passed the
test. Then we sailed 3 nights for Israel -
stopping for 3 hours at the island of Rhodes
where we swam, 9 hours in Cyprus where
we shopped & swam & arrived in
Israel 4 nights ago. Spent
2 nights w/Miriam, swam in
Tel Aviv, now we're at our new kibbutz
on Lebanon's Borders, high up in the mtns.
John says hi. Kibbutz Adamit, D.N. Western Galilee, 22875 Israel Love, David John

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