Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cape Town, RSA

Dec. 31, '91
Cape Town, RSA

Dear Stella,

Can you believe another year has come & gone?
Remarkable. I'm in a writing mood, so I'm
writing you, and I've already written Bob, Danny, and sent postcards to a billion others, including "Tanya."
We're just getting ready to go out to the GALAXY tonight for the BIG ONE.
I've really been enjoying myself here, and since I've been going to the white sand beaches about every other day - actually to a section of the beach in Sea Point, Cape Town that's for men only and nude - tho' I don't strip down - I'm tanning nicely. ..
The weather is just Marvelous and I'm
continually awestruck by the spectacular scenery.
I'm enclosing a picture I'm sending to a few.
It's on a balcony off a bedroom in this gorgeous home I've visited - having met the
guy on the beach. Another ... took me around in his yellow dune buggy.
Thursday night I'm to have dinner with an older Jewish man & his roommate. We enjoyed a good Israeli conversation the other evening at Brunswick Bar. Later I went to
Swing - a very hot spot. There's also Options, Cesar's and more, lots more.
Oh well - I plan on leaving Cape Town Sunday to tour the rest of the country for 4 wks.
I might be back to Amerika in Feb., but most likely in the Spring since I hate winter.


Written on regular paper, yet in an envelope that reads on the back:
In the Heart (shows a heart) of Sea Point, Cape Town
Regency Hotel
90 Regent Road
Sea Point
Cape Town 8001

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