Sunday, May 14, 2006

Soldiers praying at the Western Wall

Oct. 26, '91
Israel (in Hebrew & English)

Shalom! (in Hebrew)
I've just finished listening to the
BBC's world news on the radio & thought
I'd drop you a line. Miriam said I have 2
letters or cards there she'll send me soon. You'd
better write. Donna (Skye) & I hitched to Jerusalem
this last Wednsday - it took us 7 persecuting hrs!
I bought a number of these various photograph/cards
some American girl sells in the Jewish quarter
of Jerusalem. This one is soldiers at the
Western Wall. Last night was our "disco" -
in our bomb shelter. I didn't get drunk, but
had a slight buzz, tho' I'm determined to
stop all drinking. Alcohol just isn't worthy
dying for! Today, Shabbat, I read quite a bit
of the Bible, different accounts of various Kings
and their reigns - good & bad. I'm supposed to
buy a typewriter or word processor tomorrow or
this week to help motivate me to remember my
self-proclaimed purpose for living in Israel:
to write! So help me God. I hope you're
not drinking - having had enough bruises for
many lifetimes. Give my love to Doris & all.
Write! Love ya! David

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