Friday, May 19, 2006


Beautiful postcard to Mom and Lisa that reads:
Aerial view of Table Mountain and
Lion's Head with Camps Bay in the
Distance and Llandudno in the

continued... Mon. Dec. 16, '91
So Debbie picked me up in Cape
Town & I spent the night with her
in a beautiful, well-to-do neighborhood.
She took me to Table Mtn. That mountain
on the other card & this one. I visited
their water front with its shops & such,
climbed a part of the mountain, visited
Rhodes Memorial - then Sabbath Debbie
took me around the entire peninsula, all
the way to Cape Point - the farthest south
point. It's all absolutely unbelievable. It's
beautiful beyond words! Mountains, beaches,
white sand, forests... I went out with Debbie to a blues bar called
The Smokehouse. I've also met her family when we visited her mother. Since
last night I'm now at Celeste's. She's a friend of mine who studied Hebrew
at Sdot Yam w/Donna & I. Her family's most gracious. They're all "coloured"
& live in a coloured section of Cape Town. Coloured in s. Afrika means
mixed. We went dancing last night at The Galaxy. Today we
spent the entire day at the spectacular beach. I'll be here
for 1 or 2 wks. then to other areas.
More later. Love, David

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