Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jerusalem Day / Temple Mount Faithful

Letter to American friends written on the back of a Temple Mount Faithful flyer

Shalom! (in Hebrew)
Thank you for your letter and for doing all you can to assist me in obtaining Israeli citizenship.

I started the letter, then was interrupted, so I'll start again. This is our latest announcement to advertise the upcoming demonstration of The Temple Mount & Land of Israel Faithful Movement on Jerusalem Day. (May 28)

We held an executive meeting last night to finalize plans. We'll march from Ammunition Hill to the Orient House (where we'll burn a Palestinian flag), then to the Temple Mount. More groups are forming to decry the undemocratic situation that forbids Jews & Christians from praying on the Temple Mount. Some are more “extremist” by praying out loud up there, like Chai v'Kayam.

We're “moderate” & simply drive home the point that it is illogical - in a “Jewish State” - to let Arabs/Muslims form policy by coercion (the fear of them rioting).

Shifra Hoffman, & others, said we must do more than demonstrate. They're followers of Rabbi Kahane.

Gershon Salomon thinks we must get out our message, but in a proper/reasonable way and not appear like fanatics or rush things. Nevertheless, next Wed., around 10 of us, mainly old men & women, will enter the Temple Mount - Lord-willing.

Today 3 women were going to go there & recite the Shema out loud. One woman's last name is Sunshine. She was arrested several wks. ago for praying
there. She pressed charges on some Arabs who hit her & other Jewish women, resulting in the arrest of two of them.

The situation must change, and it will, because it's unjust. It's criminal that the Temple Mount remains occupied by sworn enemies.

While calling for the Temple's reconstruction, I realize most importantly HaShem must find a Home in our hearts and minds - otherwise the Temple would be a hollow building rather than a hallowed one.

I'll send you more information soon about the El-Ad ("to the City of David")organization in Silwan/Shiloach. Thankfully, the gov. is now investigating whether the Arabs there can prove they bought their homes, rather than having stolen them from their former Yemenite Jewish owners (who were driven out in the 20's & 30's riots). God will provide me a home there eventually.

To be continued...

Shalom, David (signed in Hebrew)

P.S. The streets were alive on Independence Day eve! So many people! /
As for writing, I do realize how entangling Israel's red tape is, but I plan to still somehow get published here. I want to see Beyond Babylon in every Steimatsky! In time.

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