Sunday, May 14, 2006

Brewing coffee in the desert

Postcard with Beduins near their tent
to Steve & Dale

Feb. 14, 1990
Queens! Shalom (in Hebrew)! It's almost 2:00 at night, just finished the pub & went for some real Ouzo in the room of some Turkish volunteers here. I've been a bad boy lately - been on a
binge - I had... stayed up 'till 5:00 talking in the pub w/a most gorgeous S. Afrikan who says he's straight. I was in charge of the music & bar last night & we went through 65 beers - (average night is 20 beers). I've had some bad black-outs lately after drinking vodka, Arak (Israeli ouzo)
& beer so I've tried to stop again, but start up again socializing. Donna, from my former ulpan at Sdot Yam & Moshav, has come here for a month - after having been spent a month in Egypt. Today she's been here 3 wks, & today she moved in as my roommate since we're filling up - now 3 S. Afrikans, 3 new Brazilians & more on the way. I sent your mom a card Steve about my recent trip. Tonight I was talking about you & really missed you & wished I could be with you all & enjoy a few cocktails before clicking my heels to return here, back to Israel. Rarely do I get in a "Miss America" mood. I've been to a Beduins tent... Oh, well, Good-night & write! Not just Dale, but you too Steve or I'll hate you. Love, David (in Hebrew)

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