Sunday, May 14, 2006

River Jordan


Feb. 5, 1990

Dear Doris (your name in Hebrew)

Shalom! (in Hebrew)
I've been busy with my Hebrew
classes & working but wanted you to
know you're thought of in Israel.
Last Sabbath we travelled to the
Golan Heights near Jordan's border,
ate next to the Sea of Galilee, visited
Crusader Fortress ruins at Belvoir,
saw the ruins of Capernaum where
Jesus' disciples Peter, Andrew, James & John
had lived & owned a fishing business
and ate ice-cream in Tiberias. I
love to tour Israel & enjoy the sites
like an excited child full of awe
and wonder.
I hope you have
a pleasant week.
David Ben-Ariel (in Hebrew)
David Ben-Ariel

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