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Response by Stephen Flurry to Judean Voice ad

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It grieves me to report for the record, for the sake of the Church of God history, that too often politics has impeded the progress of the Work of God. The following is typical of the attitude I encountered when I shared my dreams for God's Church to reach out to Judah, informing them (the Philadelphia Church of God) of what I was doing:

Judean Voice Ad [The Judean Voice was a strong Jewish magazine read throughout New York City and Israel that taught the plain truth of the Torah as shared by former Israeli parliament member and rabbi, Meir Kahane]

Too bad the Church of God doesn't follow Mr. Armstrong's example and run FULL PAGE ADS in newspapers. If God's Church really wants to reach the general public they would run such ads that would generate attention and controversy. I'm doing what I can to reach "the cities of Judah" (Isa. 40:9) by blowing "the trumpet of Zion" and sounding "an alarm in [God's] holy mountain" (Joel 2:1), letting God's warning roar (Joel 3:16).

(Thursday, March 1, 2001)

Stephen Flurry promptly responded:

Too bad you don't follow Mr. Armstrong's example of submitting to God's government and growing within the body of His one true Church. Are you trying to save that by putting a FULL PAGE ad in the "Judean Voice," you are following in Mr. Armstrong's steps - that you are the one generating attention and controversy? Please.

My response:

Shalom Stephen,

What I said was I am DOING what I can to reach Judah with what I have, too bad God's Church didn't stop playing Church and only preaching to a converted audience and step our from behind the podium and GO TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. You've miserably failed to do that with all of your many resources.

Did Mr. Armstrong submit to those politicking in Sardis? [Church of God, Seventh Day] NO. Will I submit to the likes of Herr Leap who would have me obey men over God? Who would forbid me from doing all that I can for God? (Luke 9:50). NO. It's too bad the PCG [Philadelphia Church of God] has failed to apply MM (Malachi's Message) to themselves and quit looking to men to save them. It's too bad that too many have failed to learn that is IS following GOD'S GOVERNMENT when we refuse to obey men when it means disobeying God.

I've continued to grow, by God's grace, as a member of HIS Church (I wasn't baptized into any sect or denomination of men, remember?). I'm not a Catholic who thinks salvation is impossible outside of the Church hierarchy/religious establishment.

All that being said, I still feel that the PCG has more truth than any of the other splinter groups (like Mr. Armstrong felt about Sardis), but is not rich and in need of nothing (like some vainly imagine). That's why I still direct people and attention to the Philadelphia Trumpet [magazine] that many may glean what God will grant them. May God bless the PCG and every individual to continually grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (not any man).

David Ben-Ariel


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Uncle Jim - Shame on you!

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The top of this political poster (I obtained while living in Jerusalem in 1995) should read UNCLE JIM but was too large for my printer to catch. Thanks to Image Shack I can share at least this much, which is most of it. I'm honored to say I was privileged to participate in the demonstration against then Secretary of State James Baker. As we all know, the leopard hasn't changed his spots.

Conflict in Jerusalem

The bottom of the poster should read THE LAND OF ISRAEL IS NOT FOR SALE. I'm grieved to say that it has since been for sale by the likes of Ariel Sharon, Shimon Peres, Ehud Olmert and other traitors.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Negotiations with Holy See on Track

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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Amazing Race!

Male Models Narrowly Win 'Amazing Race'
Tyler Denk and James Branaman Talk About Challenges They Faced On The Show And In Life

The Amazing Race is one of the few television shows I really enjoy watching, as it's filled with travel and adventure and suspense and shows places I've been or hope to visit.

Congratulations to Tyler and James!

Just remember guys:

You're still in the race!

Celebrate your sobriety every day, as many of us do.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Princess Diana, a Dream, and King David's Dynasty

Her Royal Highness,
Princess of Wales,
Princess Diana,
Buckingham Palace,
London, England

June 6, 1987

Dear Princess Diana,

This letter was prompted by an issue of People magazine.

Actually that particular article was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Some years ago I had an impressive dream. During the dream you, Prince Charles and myself were engaged in an intense talk. We were sitting around though quite relaxed, comfortable amongst each other (at east as if we'd known each other for years as good friends), in an enclosed patio or spring porch - a garden atmosphere. I recall you did most of the talking -- pouring out your heart to me -- as Prince Charles sort of quietly listened. Perhaps it's because we're closer in age. I'm 27. As I began to awaken from the dream I became upset with how foolish to imagine the Royalty of Wales taking me into their confidence. I kneeled for morning prayer and asked God to rebuke such presumptuous thoughts, but asked if there were any significance to the dream that a chart I had ("The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race") loaned out months earlier be returned at Sabbath services that day.

Lo and behold, the chart was returned that day! Rather convenient, since when I arrived home I had received a memo in the mail from our local newspaper. I had submitted a question to them whether the present British Royal Family were aware of their unique Davidic ancestry -- the remarkable continuation of King David's dynasty. I felt my question could be answered while also cleverly bringing this royal fact to greater public attention if published. An unexpected turn of events occurred though! The newspaper related: "If you send us a copy of the information on King David and his relationship to the English Royal Family, plus a verification that such information has been validated and by whom, we will see to it that it gets to Buckingham Palace and that your name will accompany it." Immediately I wondered what to send to satisfy the newspaper. The chart seemed obvious, but I still sought counsel from my minister. He advised writing a Church official at our Headquarter's in Pasadena, California who is English and involved with our Media Coordinator. The Church official replied: "I believe the most prudent course of action would be to send the chart 'The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race' to the newspaper for their further action."

I sent the information to the newspaper and they sent it to Buckingham Palace. They also cautioned me not to hold my breath for any response, which was good since I haven't heard a word yet.

Several years later, during my volunteer service at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan in Northern Israel, a Holocaust survivor (whom I adopted as my "kibbutz mother") mentioned hearing about some royal marital problems. I dismissed it as gossip from some tabloid trash -- but then immediately I recalled the dream where you were pouring out your heart to me about something. So I thought perhaps there's something to all these godless rumors, but all marriages have their ups and downs.

Since then I've heard too many royal rumors & sovereign stories about differences in your marriage. The latest People article prompted me to write you and sincerely offer my continued support for you and your lovely family. My heart goes out to you all with deep affection.

Love & Prayers,

David A. Hoover
Perrysburg, Ohio

On official stationery from Buckingham Palace:

From Lady-in-Waiting to H.R.H. The Princess of Wales
12th June 1987

Dear Mr. Hoover,

The Princess of Wales has asked me to thank you for your letter.

Her Royal Highness was most grateful to you for your kind thought in writing and has asked me to send her sincere thanks and best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Campden


Note: David A. Hoover is my former name. I've since legally changed it to David Ben-Ariel, as related within God-given Names.

Memo from Zip Line (The Blade) was received November 7, 1981.

My letter to Robert Fahey of the Worldwide Church of God at headquarters in Pasadena, California was sent November 8, 1981.

The Worldwide Church of God Media Coordinator, David Hulme, responded in an official letter dated December 7, 1981 with advice about sending the chart "The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race" and comment -- "Thank you for writing, in what is a very interesting and unusual circumstance."

As advised, I sent the chart "The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race" to Zip Line December 12, 1981. (The chart had been given to me by an English couple in Jerusalem the year before during our Feast of Tabernacles celebration).

THE QUEEN'S ROYAL DESCENT FROM KING DAVID THE PSALMIST (similar to "The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race")

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas is a pagan holiday in Christian drag!

Merry mass of Christ? No thank you. God rejects it and those who are becoming like Father, like Son, do too. Instead of fooling ourselves, being dishonest, stuck in the muck of traditional garbage that stinks to High Heaven, we expose it for what it is: Christmas is a pagan holiday dressed in Christian drag. This is how God blesses us - He offers us the opportunity to be set free from such religious lies. Will you FORSAKE BABYLON or suffer the plagues? Do you love God's truth more than tradition? How we respond is very revealing to God and will help determine the future of our nations.

Isaiah 58

1 “Cry aloud, spare not;
Lift up your voice like a trumpet;
Tell My people their transgression,
And the house of Jacob their sins.
2 Yet they seek Me daily,
And delight to know My ways,
As a nation that did righteousness,
And did not forsake the ordinance of their God.
They ask of Me the ordinances of justice;
They take delight in approaching God.

The Plain Truth About Christmas by Herbert W. Armstrong

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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Our Great Creator God, the God of the Bible, the God of Israel, graciously commanded me to "FORSAKE HINDUISM" and I did.

A Higher Calling: Quest for the Kingdom of God

Herbert W Armstrong and Worldwide Church of God Mentioned in Israeli Newspaper

Monday, October 16, 2006

David Ben-Ariel deported for plot to blow up Al-Aksa mosque?

David Ben-Ariel, an American member of the Temple Mount Faithful, was deported from Israel in 1996. After six and a half hours of interrogation, by six different Israeli secret service men, about an alleged plot to blow up the Al-Aksa mosque on the Temple Mount, Ben-Ariel was released while the investigation continued on condition they kept his American passport and he report back daily at 9 am.

Following such a harrowing experience Ben-Ariel contacted Bill Hutman of The Jerusalem Post whose front page article "GSS Seeks to deport American for plot to blow up Al Aksa mosque," appeared on January 8, 1996. The very next day, the eve of Ben-Ariel's 36th birthday, the obviously irritated police detained him until his deportation nearly three weeks later, since, as The Jerusalem Post reported, they lacked hard evidence to bring him to trial and he strongly denied the allegations, charging the Israeli authorities with politico-religious persecution.

Ben-Ariel, a Christian-Zionist, is a very prolific writer and the author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. Immediately before David's interrogation, detention and deportation from Israel, his article "Will Jerusalem Become An International City" was published in Jerusalem within The Traveller (popular among tourists and backpackers) and read throughout Israel. It highlighted the plight of the Temple Mount under Muslim control - a Muslim control that illegally practices religious discrimination against Christians and Jews with Israeli consent - and expressed a statement of faith (shared by millions of Christians and Jews) that the mosques would soon be history and the Temple Mount would be restored as the Temple Mount with the Third Temple.

Since Ben-Ariel's deportation he has utilized his experience and shared it with a worldwide audience via the internet, numerous articles and forums, tirelessly campaigning to change the deplorable status quo of the Temple Mount, attracting the attention of many writers, politicians, leaders of various groups and organizations and people of faith.

Several of Ben-Ariel's articles relating his ordeal:

Consul General Edward Abington, Jr.'s letter to Ohio Representative Marcy Kaptur

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Dangerous Ideas?

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I met Ariel Sharon in Hebron

I wrote my American Jewish friends on a photocopy of The Jerusalem Post article, “International Christian Embassy starts drive to ensure rights in territories” by Liat Collins, Tuesday, October 17, 1995

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem is beginning an international campaign to ensure Christian rights after IDF withdrawal from the territories.
On Sunday, some 1,200 Christians carrying banners proclaiming “Bethlehem will be Jewish Forever,” attended a solidarity and prayer rally at Rachel's Tomb.
International Christian Embassy spokesman Jan van der Hoeven stressed the need to keep Bethlehem open to all faiths and spoke against the rise of Islamic extremism.
He noted the growing number of Christian residents of Bethlehem who are asking the embassy's help in moving out of the city for fear of Moslem action against them once the IDF leaves.
The deadline for IDF evacuation has been brought forward to December 22.
Nearly all the participants at the rally were visiting for the International Christian Embassy's Feast of Tabernacles activities.
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, of Efrat, also addressed the crowd.
About 30 residents of Jerusalem's Gilo section attended the rally, noting the proximity between their neighborhood and Rachel's Tomb.
Yesterday, David Ben-Ariel, a Christian member of the Temple Mount Faithful, said he was harassed and detained by both Moslem Wakf guards and the police after he went up to the Mount to pray.
“It's not news that Jews can't pray there, even though everybody claims there is freedom for all faiths,” he said.
“But people don't realize that Christians can't pray there either,” he said.
Ben-Ariel was wearing a shirt with the Temple Mount Faithful slogan on it at the time of his arrest.

Oct. 19, '95

So many things to say
I don't know where to
begin. I was in Hevron
(during the signing of Oslo 2)
with Gershon Salomon & friends
from our Temple Mt. Faithful organization.
Busloads of people in their
“right” mind came from all over
Israel to show solidarity in
Hevron against this false peace.
I met Ariel Sharon twice,
inviting him to our demonstration
during Sukkot, as well as Geula Cohen
and Rav Levinger - all who spoke at the
rally. I also took part in the wonderful
opposition rally at Zion Square that held a torch-lit
parade to the Knesset, carrying our Temple Mt. Faithful flag
and helping to pass out thousands of adverts for our Sukkot demo.
During Sukkot we had High Court permission to enter the Temple Mount,
but after 4 of our people went up, we decided not to go up without
Gershon who they prevented. The newspapers lied & said 20-50 of us
went up. Later, when Professor Rakover (Deputy Attorney General) spoke at the Israel Center
(where the Root & Branch Association holds a lecture series), I was able to ask him why the government is punishing those who seek to do everything legally and rewarding Arabs who threaten to riot. He agreed there isn't any law forbidding Jews or Christians, but that basically not enough people care to exercise it yet to put sufficient pressure on the gov.
to change the status quo. Speaking of the government,
I must go back next wk. to the misrad haPenim. I was invited to
a beautiful home & family in Givat
Ze'ev for the first night of
Sukkot. The leader of a settler
organization, Eyal, has invited me
to Kiryat Arba for Shabbat
in about a month. I plan
on writing up in article form
some of these experiences.
I asked Carl to send you a
copy of The National Messenger.
I wrote a letter to the Jerusalem
Post about being arrested on the Temple
Mount, following the reporter's suggestion.
Aryeh Gallin, President of the Root & Branch
Assoc., is also planning on something for their
international newsletter (they publish & promote
Judaica). I'll write more later. I just
wanted to quickly update you. I hope
this finds you both well, having enjoyed
the holy days.
David (also signed in Hebrew)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Jerusalem Post letters

I sent a photo-copy of a page from The Jerusalem Post, Letters To The Editor section, Fri., Aug. 25, 1995 (Av 29, 5755) to American friends since it included a letter from me and one from a lawyer friend with this written at the top:

Howard Grief is a lawyer & one of
my Israeli friends to write a letter of recomm.
for me. I was one of Gershon's “loyal followers”
who was blessed to shield him from harm. David


Sir, - On Tisha Be'av, when we
mourn the destruction of both the
First and Second Temples, which
also symbolized the end of Jewish
statehood, I, like hundreds of others,
proceeded to the Mugrabi Gate, at
the Temple Mount, hoping to gain
entry, in accordance with the Su-
preme Court ruling rendered a few
days earlier. However, the sloped
narrow entrance was blocked by
dozens of police, who after a certain
while, upon signal, tried to break up
the assembly that had legally gath-
ered there.
To my horror and disbelief, I then
witnessed a series of acts that were
sheer and unmitigated police brutal-
ity that tarnishes and defames the
good name of the Jewish State.
In one instance, a policeman re-
peatedly beat and shoved an old
woman who refused to leave the
spot, where she had a perfect right to
be. When others in the crowd went
to her assistance, they too were at-
tacked. In another instance, a haredi-
dressed man was knocked to the
ground when he protested in a digni-
fied way the violent removal of an-
other person who was defending
himself against excessive police
force being used to eject him from
the site. Anyone who dared to open
their mouth to comment on what
was occurring before their very eyes
was immediately subject to police
Most shocking of all was the ill-
treatment accorded the leader of the
Temple Mount Faithful, Gershon
Salomon, whose persistence in se-
curing Jewish rights of prayer on the
Temple Mount finally won the en-
dorsement of the Supreme Court.
But this great accomplishment was
frustrated by what appeared to be
police “coordination” in advance
with Arab opponents of Jewish
rights of prayer on the Temple
Mount. Arabs were purposely incit-
ed to create the necessary “security
threat” which enabled the police to
close the Temple Mount to Jewish
prayer. Salomon, who was seriously
wounded in action in the Six Day
War on the Syrian front and as a
result suffers from a permanent
walking disability, had to endure the
gross indignity of being seized by
the police and dragged away by sev-
eral husky officers who then put him
down on the pavement where he
received a hard blow to his head that
caused him to lose consciousness.
By good fortune, he was saved from
being trampled upon by the milling
throng, by a few of his loyal follow-
ers, who helped to shield him from
further injuries. It is incredible that a
man of Salomon's stature should
have been subject to this kind of
vicious treatment by the police!
One wonders how Jewish police
in the Jewish State can behave in
such a cruel and savage fashion to
fellow Jews, which has no precedent
in the history of the state.

Sir- What is going on here?
Jews are forcibly prevented from
praying, undemocratically denied
free access to the Temple Mount,
and cruelly evicted by other Jews!
What a spectacle for the whole
world to watch! All this in a “Jew-
ish State.”
If this had happened anywhere
else, the Jewish community would
be up in arms. We would have wit-
nessed an outpouring of righteous
indignation and heard deafening
cries of antisemitism. But the double
standard does not end there.
If it had been Christians or Mos-
lems who received such shabby
treatment from Israeli policemen,
the UN would have quickly con-
vened to condemn such a callous
display of religious discrimination
and demand an immediate end to the
flagrant violation of religious rights
Israel has sworn to uphold.
It is all too evident that the Tem-
ple Mount is not “in our hands.” It
remains under a defiant Moslem oc-
cupation that continues to mock Is-
raeli sovereignty. The Temple
Mount is not in our hands because it
is not in our hearts and minds. This
is a terrible indictment against our
political and religious “leaders.” I
doubt Jews prayed for 2,000 years to
return to Zion and pray at a wall.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jerusalem Day / Temple Mount Faithful

Letter to American friends written on the back of a Temple Mount Faithful flyer

Shalom! (in Hebrew)
Thank you for your letter and for doing all you can to assist me in obtaining Israeli citizenship.

I started the letter, then was interrupted, so I'll start again. This is our latest announcement to advertise the upcoming demonstration of The Temple Mount & Land of Israel Faithful Movement on Jerusalem Day. (May 28)

We held an executive meeting last night to finalize plans. We'll march from Ammunition Hill to the Orient House (where we'll burn a Palestinian flag), then to the Temple Mount. More groups are forming to decry the undemocratic situation that forbids Jews & Christians from praying on the Temple Mount. Some are more “extremist” by praying out loud up there, like Chai v'Kayam.

We're “moderate” & simply drive home the point that it is illogical - in a “Jewish State” - to let Arabs/Muslims form policy by coercion (the fear of them rioting).

Shifra Hoffman, & others, said we must do more than demonstrate. They're followers of Rabbi Kahane.

Gershon Salomon thinks we must get out our message, but in a proper/reasonable way and not appear like fanatics or rush things. Nevertheless, next Wed., around 10 of us, mainly old men & women, will enter the Temple Mount - Lord-willing.

Today 3 women were going to go there & recite the Shema out loud. One woman's last name is Sunshine. She was arrested several wks. ago for praying
there. She pressed charges on some Arabs who hit her & other Jewish women, resulting in the arrest of two of them.

The situation must change, and it will, because it's unjust. It's criminal that the Temple Mount remains occupied by sworn enemies.

While calling for the Temple's reconstruction, I realize most importantly HaShem must find a Home in our hearts and minds - otherwise the Temple would be a hollow building rather than a hallowed one.

I'll send you more information soon about the El-Ad ("to the City of David")organization in Silwan/Shiloach. Thankfully, the gov. is now investigating whether the Arabs there can prove they bought their homes, rather than having stolen them from their former Yemenite Jewish owners (who were driven out in the 20's & 30's riots). God will provide me a home there eventually.

To be continued...

Shalom, David (signed in Hebrew)

P.S. The streets were alive on Independence Day eve! So many people! /
As for writing, I do realize how entangling Israel's red tape is, but I plan to still somehow get published here. I want to see Beyond Babylon in every Steimatsky! In time.

Jerusalem letter to American friends

Aug. 20. '95

Shalom! (in Hebrew)
Here is an assortment of things:
quotes from Rabbi Kahane's book about Israel's
horrible “red tape” (socialist beauracracy) - that came
to mind when you mentioned how your friend said
how difficult it is to publish in Israel; a short
note about a walk for the Pgymies; a side-angle
view of me holding up Israel's flag outside the
Mugrabi Gate to the Temple Mount in Yediot Aharanot;
The Traveller magazine that includes a letter from me
inside it; an article about the City of David & the
El Ad organization (I hope to soon write a better
one myself for The National Messenger). I just went
on a city sponsored/Sabbath walking tour to the City
of David yesterday (my nose & shoulders got sun burnt!).
I've also just sent out a few letters to the Jerusalem
and Your Jerusalem about how if Jews
were forcibly denied the right to pray anywhere else
in the world how the Jewish community would be up
in arms - and if it had been Christians or Muslims
stopped by Israeli policemen the U.N. would've
condemned the flagrant violation of religious rights
Israel has sworn to uphold....But what's new?
Did you see how those “peace-loving,” coexistent Arabs
destroyed that Jewish hilltop near Efrat? They also
burnt a Torah scroll! As well as an Israeli flag.
How much proof does this gov. need of the Arab's true
intentions? Those of us in our “right” mind want a
real peace - we don't want to rest in peace!
David (also in Hebrew)
P.S. A Jewish-American group recently
were forbidden to carry Israeli flags thru
the “Muslim Quarter” for fears of unrest. Is this Palestine?
P.S.S. Gershon Salomon recently introduced me to one Avishai from Kiryat Arba.
He heads some settler organization called “Ayal.” I've been invited to
visit & probably will to show solidarity with those besieged Zionists!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Kibbutz Regavim ulpan

Letter to Marian
Jan. 23, 1990

Dear Marian,
I noticed by the date on your letter's postmark
that it took 2 wks. to get here. Usually it only takes 7 days.
I hope your daughters surgery went fine and she's well.
Jan. 10th is my birthday. I've hit the big 30 now. David
became King over all Israel - a united Israel - when he was
30 & moved his royal residence to Jerusalem. Before that
he was only King of the Jews (Judah) in Hebron for 7 1/2 yrs.
May YHVH-RAFEH bless your surgery & grant you a quick
recovery. I understand your preference for warmer climes &
desire to spend your winters in Florida. I prefer such also
but wish I had Dorothy's ruby red slippers so I could
click them occasionally to see some snow - a real winter -
& quickly be back in Israel. Ha!
Our ulpan is going to Masada Shabbat. Erev Shabbat
we're spending the night at a youth hostel in Arad.
I've been to Masada many times, but always for me
also it's a "new" & different experience. Plus it's with
new friends from Regavim. The day your letter
arrived, an English friend of mine
arrived to visit me for a few days.
She's just returned from a
month in Egypt & said
she could kiss Israel's
ground & the first soldier
she sees. We were on the
ulpan together at Sdot Yam and
also were on the same moshav.


Though I don't celebrate Xmas (because of its pre-Christian
origin), I wanted to be in Jerusalem for Hanukka & to
see Bishop Tutu since he's so famous. So I went
to a midnight mass, ironically, at St. George's Anglican Church
(a first for me) in Jerusalem & saw & heard "Bullshit" Tutu.
It's obvious it's not the Hebrew God who holds the leash
to his clerical collar. I hate his self-righteous stand
against S. Africa, Israel & America. He's not a minister of
Jesus Christ, he's a political wolf in sheeps clothing.
As could be expected, we had to vacate due to a
bomb threat. Such is the Middle East. Xmas Day I
was at the Wall & was later told by many kibbutzniks
I was on TV there. I didn't even see the cameras!
Then I went to Bethlehem - David's City - & noted how
life is so ironic that I should be able to visit there on
Xmas which I don't celebrate & thousands around the world
would cherish the opportunity. I thought the same during my
visit to the Vatican. I've been to Bethlehem many times
but was never interested in visiting the traditional site of
Jesus' birth, but this time I toured the Church of Nativity
with 4 volunteers I met from Kibbutz Megiddo. We all
remarked about how vain & superstitious so many
religious traditions are. The important thing is
Jesus was born in Bethlehem somewhere
because David was born in Bethlehem.
Also because it's the "House of Bread" &
He's the Manna sent from Heaven.
Oh well. I'm happy to hear your
4th book is out. I wish you
continued success & happiness.
What was your third book? I'm
honored to know & have your first two.
I hope to finish my Levi chart this year.
To be continued... Your friend, David

Oct. 10, '89
Sdot Yam,


David Ben-Ariel (signed in Hebrew)

Jerusalem, bird's eye view of the Old City, foreground right the Citadel

Postcard to Leo & Marian

Mon., Aug. 14, '95

Shalom! (Hebrew)
Just a note while I'm at work as a
receptionist across from the Damascus Gate.
The last time I went to the "Misrad Ha-Penim"
they further frustrated me by saying now I need
letters of recom. from Israelis. I asked "how
many?" "I don't know." When I said she must
know she said she didn't need to know.
Then I got angry & asked WHY everytime I
return they tell me I need something
else, rather than tell me everything up front.
I murmured about the socialist beauracracy
& that angered her & she wrote on my application
I said that. I told her plenty of Israelis
felt the same way. My friends said to not give up
and I would prevail. So be it. I have no problem
getting Israeli letters.
On a more positive note, our Temple Mt. Faithful demo. on Tisha' B'Av
was most successful - tho' the police are getting more rowdy - at least against Jews. I'll send you more info. soon. Cheers, David (also signed in Hebrew)

ATHENS - View of Acropolis

Postcard to American friends Marian & Leo
Aug. 23. '90

Shalom! (in Hebrew)
Thank G-d ONE DAY
there will be shalom throughout the
universe in spite of our human failings.
Yes, we're alive & well in Israel, living
in defiance of "wars & rumors of wars." May
G-d continue to frustrate the purpose of the
pagans & cure or at least contain their
insanity! Tonight, under Israel's untold stars,
we enjoyed a bonfire, complete with a mini-
divided "United Nations" discussions, debates &
arguments over politics & religion - since we're from
all over, followed by guitar and song - with the
jackals mournful howls in the background, down
in the valley. We're on Lebanon's border, perched
high up on a mtn. near Shelomi. It's beautiful
here! Excuse the Greek card. I spent 4 nights
in Frankfurt, 2 nights on a bus to Greece, 4 nights
in Athens & 3 nights sailing
to Israel, stopping in Rhodes
& Cyprus. I'm at Kibbutz Adamit, 22875 Israel.
Shalom, David (signed in Hebrew)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gordon Youth Hostel, Tel Aviv; Miriam's

Aerogramme from Israel to Mom & Lisa

Thurs. Eve.
Jan. 30, 1992

Dear Mom & Lisa,
Shalom again from Israel!
I arrived here 11:30 p.m. Tues. & spent the night
at Gordon's youth hostel on the beachfront in
Tel Aviv, drinking with a South African guy & his
Irish friend. I made it here to Miriam's Wed.
afternoon. Thank God she found her misplaced
album 1/2 hr. before I arrived. She said you were
so friendly on the phone. She said she couldn't
imagine I'd taken it, but thought maybe I borrowed
it or something. Silly woman! She became very ill
last night, vomited & was dizzy so we called the
night nurse. I was afraid she was going to die.
Today she's much better. I'm staying here until
Sun. morning. She loves my company & appreciates
my "help" - little things for me, but big for her.
God's blessed us already w/10 years of love &
friendship. 10 yrs! Unbelievable... Sun. I leave for
my old kibbutz. I might stay for 1 month & come
home. I must be where I can have the set-up
to write. Writers must write. My inheritance
dwindles, but I don't regret for a moment how
I've spent it (except maybe for a few too many
dollars spent on drink!). Donna has gone to
Egypt & is to then fly to London & hopes to visit
us in America this summer. Perhaps with her
present lover, Andrew, if they're still together.
Miriam had 10 letters waiting here for me from
Bob, Mrs. Goldner, cards from Lee & Linda, Bill & Carol,
Donna, Mrs. Glick, Janet, new friends from S.Afrika,
etc. South Africa was probably one of the
best times of my life! Too good to be true,
but it's true. I'll write more later,
or call if I'm coming home sooner.
David (in Hebrew)


Postcard to Mom and Lisa
Interest Map of Zimbabwe

Jan. 24, '92
Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
Thinking of you here in
Zimbabwe. I'm in the farthest
N.E. visiting the magnificent Victoria
Falls. I hitched from S. Afrika to
the border town of Beitbridge &
hitched to Bulawayo (2 days time) &
then took a 15 hrs. train ride here. On
the train I met up with 3 people I
met 2 wks. ago in George, S.A., including
the English girl who bunji jumped with us.
We're renting a place together tonight. We counted around 5 rainbows
in the Falls - they're unbelievable - & got drenched by the mist -
just like rain.
P.S. I've seen so many baboons & monkeys!
Love yas, David

Garden Route/Cape Province

Rugged Coastline Moods of the Cape Cape Gallery
Typical scenery of cliffs meeting ocean - between Storms River Mouth
and Plettenberg Bay

Jan. 5, '92
Dear Mom & Lisa,
Since saying goodbye to wonderful Cape Town,
Debbie & Celeste - I hitched this last
Sun. & my 3rd ride picked me up near the
Somerset West exit & I've been w/him ever
since. His name's James & he's from London &
he's happening to go so far everywhere I've
watned to: we've visited the southernmost
tip of Afrika, seen Cango Caves, had a
baboon run across the road in front of us
& watched others climbing on the rocks!
The scenery continues to be out of this
world! We tanned all day yesterday on
Wilderness beach, spent 3 nights in George,
visited Kysna w/its lagoons today & walked
on a spectacular beach and we went
bunji jumping today! Off of a 200 ft.
high bridge. Scary!!! But I survived.
We also took pictures of ostriches on farms
here. Now we're spending the night in
Plettenberg Bay. I've been in S. Africa now
for a month.
Lots of love!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Beautiful postcard to Mom and Lisa that reads:
Aerial view of Table Mountain and
Lion's Head with Camps Bay in the
Distance and Llandudno in the

continued... Mon. Dec. 16, '91
So Debbie picked me up in Cape
Town & I spent the night with her
in a beautiful, well-to-do neighborhood.
She took me to Table Mtn. That mountain
on the other card & this one. I visited
their water front with its shops & such,
climbed a part of the mountain, visited
Rhodes Memorial - then Sabbath Debbie
took me around the entire peninsula, all
the way to Cape Point - the farthest south
point. It's all absolutely unbelievable. It's
beautiful beyond words! Mountains, beaches,
white sand, forests... I went out with Debbie to a blues bar called
The Smokehouse. I've also met her family when we visited her mother. Since
last night I'm now at Celeste's. She's a friend of mine who studied Hebrew
at Sdot Yam w/Donna & I. Her family's most gracious. They're all "coloured"
& live in a coloured section of Cape Town. Coloured in s. Afrika means
mixed. We went dancing last night at The Galaxy. Today we
spent the entire day at the spectacular beach. I'll be here
for 1 or 2 wks. then to other areas.
More later. Love, David

Huge SOUTH AFRICA postcard to Mom & Lisa

(same one I sent to many people with Table Mountain; The Cango Caves
near Oudtshoorn; Forest Falls in the Eastern Transvaal; Africa Lion

Mon. Dec. 16, 1991

Dearest Mom & Lisa,
Shalom (written in Hebrew) from beautiful South Africa!
I arrived in Johannesburg, S.A. last
Wednsday eve. about 8:30 pm. our flight left
Tel Aviv & flew to Athens, Greece & then south
over the Mediterranean, Egypt, Sudan, etc.
It all looked so barren & desert & brown. We also
could see the Nile from the plane. I flew South
African Airways. I spent my first night here at the
City Lodge hotel near the airport. Thurs.
afternoon I hitched (their cars drive like in England!)
& got about 3 rides from very nice people - some of
whom went out of their way to help me along - before i met
up with this very nice girl who was hitchhiking also. Ilsa
is her name. She's from the city of Pretoria - their capital. So we hitched together.
We passed such wide, open, unbelievable spaces, hilly & flat & mountains in the distance. We spent the night in Uitenhage near Port Elizabeth with the man who gave us a ride for about 9 hrs.
He lives there w/his wife & 3 kids. Fri. Ilsa & I got a good ride from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town (8 Hours) in the back of a pickup truck. I got burnt - the sun is wicked but the weather's
beautiful. We passed such awesome scenery & huge mtns., farm land & miles of winding coast of the
Indian ocean. My friend Debbie picked me up in Cape Town. It's the resort area. I'll continue on another card. Love, David

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Postcard to Mom & Lisa

Jan. 19, '92
After seeing all the animals
in Kruger National Park - including
5 lions, herds of elephants near the
river, baboon families (one wouldn't
get off our car!), Zebras galore,
giraffes, etc. We visited 4 glorious
waterfalls today, the "potholes,"
Pilgrim's Rest, the Pinnacle - everything
on this card except Lisbon (the other
Falls were better). We're worn out, but
tomorrow we leave this town of Sabie for
Sudwala caves &
more scenic sights
in the Southern
Drakenberg Mtn.
area. Love, David
P.S. Shalom to Bill!

Scenic wonderland of waterfalls, forests and numerous tourist
attractions as depicted in the Lisbon Falls; Blyde River Canyon; 'Bourke's
Luck' potholes; The Pinnacle; and historic Pilgrims Rest.



Postcard from the Republic of South Africa (RSA) of zebras to my mom & youngest sister, Wanda & Lisa
Holland, Ohio (mom gave me some of these cards back knowing I'd enjoy them).

Jan. 17, '92
Where do I begin - too many tales
to tell. I think I left off at Plettenberg
Bay...Then James & I carried on to
Tsitsikama Forest, walked/crossed Storms River on a
suspension bridge; checked out Kynsna with
its lagoons & spent a night w/his friends in
Port Elizabeth, ate at the yacht club,
then Fri. (my B.day) James & I went our
ways & I wasn't on the highway 10 minutes
before a kickbox karate instructer picked me
up & took me the 3 hr. drive to East London
right to the doorstep of a youth hostel! But
first we stopped at Port Alfred where he bought me
2 drinks for my 32nd. In East London I met up
with the English couple I bunji jumped with & we
then hitched together (another story) through Transkei (along the coast) to Durban
in a Mercedes. In Durban we rented a car for 6 days (this is our 3rd) &
drove to Pongola - spent the night at
some guy's house & then drove thru
Swaziland & now we're in Kruger
National Park. We've seen wild
Giraffes, Zebras, Baboons, Elephants, Springbok, Rhinos, etc! Love, David

ZEBRA GROUP Southern Africa
With the extinction of the Quagga in 1878, the Cape mountain zebra, and
Burchells zebra (Equus burchelli) - as seen here, are the only 'wild
horses' remaining in the sub-continent.

GROEP SEBRAS Suidelike Afrika
(same description but in Afrikaans).

Pierre from Pongola, RSA invited Ruth, Paul, German & myself to stay in his farmhouse near Swaziland '92

Gallery card/Sam Maxwell #322298

Black & white postcard/hot man with bandana, no shirt, hands raised in a karate poise?

To "Stella" - Steve

Feb. 10, '92
Queen! I shouldn't be writing you a word
since you haven't once dropped me a line! I'll
slap you soon - I've been back in Israel for
almost 2 wks. & I'm bored, lonely & cold! It's
hard to "slow down" after going so fast &
being the new kid on the block everywhere I've
gone has been great for my ego, but now I'm
hibernating indoors like everyone else. Our
mountains got snow on 'em yesterday & it
sure looks pretty & the Sea of Galilee is
full again - but I miss S. Africa's summer
weather!!! I'm here until March 24th, then I
fly to London for 1 wk & then I'm off to the
States March 31st - so get ready for the
Blond Bombers arrival! Ha! My very first
night back I had 2 "dates," as well as this
last Fri. evenin' - not bad for just having
returned, eh? I called mom this last Fri. night
also to tell her my plans. I've just finished
Danielle Steel's book Fine Things - very good - &
I'm reading The March of Folly now. Have to do
somethin' other than sleep & write 50,000 cards &
letters. Sit down & write me back now!
Love & tenderness, Ha!
David Kibbutz Ha'On 1500 Israel P.S. Shalom to Doris!


Huge postcard to Steve & Doris
Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand. Inset photo: The Cango Caves near
Oudtshoorn; Forest Falls in the Eastern Transvaal; African lion

Mon. Dec. 16, '91
Cape Town, RSA

Shalom From

As I tell all - I can't believe I'm
actually here - it's wonderful!
I hitched from JOHANNESBURG to
CAPE TOWN (1200 miles) in 2 days time.
I went from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town via
the famous scenic "Garden Route." Such
wide open spaces, gigantic mountains, the beautiful
Indian Ocean Coast, Forests, white sand beaches,
I spent my first night w/one friend
who took me around the entire peninsula
(spectacular!), climbed part of Table Mtn.,
cruised the waterfront's many shops, etc.
Presently I'm with another friend & her
mother & sister. We spent the day on
the beach. The sun is wicked - but the weather's wonderful!
I'm excited about being
here & look forward to seeing the sites. Love, David

River Jordan


Feb. 5, 1990

Dear Doris (your name in Hebrew)

Shalom! (in Hebrew)
I've been busy with my Hebrew
classes & working but wanted you to
know you're thought of in Israel.
Last Sabbath we travelled to the
Golan Heights near Jordan's border,
ate next to the Sea of Galilee, visited
Crusader Fortress ruins at Belvoir,
saw the ruins of Capernaum where
Jesus' disciples Peter, Andrew, James & John
had lived & owned a fishing business
and ate ice-cream in Tiberias. I
love to tour Israel & enjoy the sites
like an excited child full of awe
and wonder.
I hope you have
a pleasant week.
David Ben-Ariel (in Hebrew)
David Ben-Ariel


Postcard to Steve & Doris

Thurs. Aug. 22, 91

Greetings from England! Donna & I are staying with her sister & her boyfriend in Wraysbury (an hr. west of London). Today we took the train to
Windsor & toured its castle & saw the Thames River. Last night Donna's mom & family treated me at a steak house in Ashford called Harvester. Tomorrow we're
taking on London. Sat. night we take the ferry across the Channel to Holland...

This is only one room of many beautiful rooms
Love, David
P.S. it's a "trip" being back in England again!Hard to grasp.
P.SS. Just talked on the phone to a friend in N. England

Trafalgar Square, London

Soldiers praying at the Western Wall

Oct. 26, '91
Israel (in Hebrew & English)

Shalom! (in Hebrew)
I've just finished listening to the
BBC's world news on the radio & thought
I'd drop you a line. Miriam said I have 2
letters or cards there she'll send me soon. You'd
better write. Donna (Skye) & I hitched to Jerusalem
this last Wednsday - it took us 7 persecuting hrs!
I bought a number of these various photograph/cards
some American girl sells in the Jewish quarter
of Jerusalem. This one is soldiers at the
Western Wall. Last night was our "disco" -
in our bomb shelter. I didn't get drunk, but
had a slight buzz, tho' I'm determined to
stop all drinking. Alcohol just isn't worthy
dying for! Today, Shabbat, I read quite a bit
of the Bible, different accounts of various Kings
and their reigns - good & bad. I'm supposed to
buy a typewriter or word processor tomorrow or
this week to help motivate me to remember my
self-proclaimed purpose for living in Israel:
to write! So help me God. I hope you're
not drinking - having had enough bruises for
many lifetimes. Give my love to Doris & all.
Write! Love ya! David

Brewing coffee in the desert

Postcard with Beduins near their tent
to Steve & Dale

Feb. 14, 1990
Queens! Shalom (in Hebrew)! It's almost 2:00 at night, just finished the pub & went for some real Ouzo in the room of some Turkish volunteers here. I've been a bad boy lately - been on a
binge - I had... stayed up 'till 5:00 talking in the pub w/a most gorgeous S. Afrikan who says he's straight. I was in charge of the music & bar last night & we went through 65 beers - (average night is 20 beers). I've had some bad black-outs lately after drinking vodka, Arak (Israeli ouzo)
& beer so I've tried to stop again, but start up again socializing. Donna, from my former ulpan at Sdot Yam & Moshav, has come here for a month - after having been spent a month in Egypt. Today she's been here 3 wks, & today she moved in as my roommate since we're filling up - now 3 S. Afrikans, 3 new Brazilians & more on the way. I sent your mom a card Steve about my recent trip. Tonight I was talking about you & really missed you & wished I could be with you all & enjoy a few cocktails before clicking my heels to return here, back to Israel. Rarely do I get in a "Miss America" mood. I've been to a Beduins tent... Oh, well, Good-night & write! Not just Dale, but you too Steve or I'll hate you. Love, David (in Hebrew)

Kibbutz Ha'On

Oct. 5, 1991

Shalom! I don't feel like
sleeping yet, so I'll write a little
since I'm in a lazy mood.
Did Bob M. read you the letter I
wrote him & wanted him to share
w/you the dirt about all my
tricks & treats in Europe?
There's quite a few here ... I just visited
Tiberias (our closest city) last Fri. (yesterday)
I've been having some horrible black-outs
but everyone says I've been the life of the
party - as long as I don't get into trouble!
We have a disco twice a wk. & dance our brains out.
Write me! Later, Love, David
hi from Skye (Donna)!

Aerogramme has address of Kibbutz Ha'On (on the East side of the Sea of Galilee)

to Doris!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Postcard of "Dazzling Eilat by night"
(The Mountains are Jordan)

to Dale/Steve

April 21, '90

Shalom! (in Hebrew)
We just got back from our wonderful
trip & I'm exhausted & listening to Shana.
On our way down we stopped at the Dead Sea to
swim (float!). I saw 2 mtn. goats. We got into
Eilat in the evening & parked our bus on the
beach & slept there for 2 nights w/sleeping bags and/or
covers. It's beautiful down there, also ritzy &
flooded with tourists - reminded me so much of
Ft. Lauderdale. A gang of us went drinking (I bought a small bottle of J. Walker Red) at the Red Lion
& later both nights to The LIDO - gorgeous man works
there, but I tricked w/some tourist on the promenade...
We visited the underground observatory to see all the coral & fishes,
layed on the beach for hrs (drinking beer), went up on Mt. Yoash for the view of Egypt,
walked to death to see Red Canyon & later at Ein Gedi to see a
waterfall in the desert - beautiful! Donna & Chris
said I was really talking to some German guy I was
interested in at the bar, but I don't remember him the
faintest (or leaving the bar, only my trick later). Shameful.
Tomorrow's back to work. Tomorrow's also
Holocaust (Memorial) Day. Independence Day
is next month.
Oh well, I'm tired, so I'll write later. Bye, Love - David (spelled in Hebrew)

Tel-Aviv, Dizengoff Square, Fire-Water Sculpture

Postcard to Stella & Della Andrews
Maumee, Ohio

Thanksgiving Day, '88

The weather has been especially
beautiful, unusually suuny since
it's their rainy season. I've
been visiting here at the kibbutz
and nearby towns with friends.
I visited Yusuf's cousin in Nazareth.
Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely cruise
on the Sea of Galilee with jeans,
Tank top and sunglasses! It was
gorgeous! Tomorrow I leave
towards Jerusalem. Everyone thinks
I'm German or Swedish.
Maybe I am... ha!
This sculpture is interesting to watch. It's also musical. See ya! Darling David

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

To Steve & Doris

Postcard with a picture of a rainbow in mist of Victoria Falls
"The Devil's Cataract from opposite the Main Falls. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe"

Jan. 24, '92

Shalom from awesome
Victoria Falls in N.W. ZimBaBWE!
I hitched up here from S. Afrika
to Bulawayo & then took a
15 hr. train ride up - meeting
& staying with 3 people on the
train I'd met earlier in S. Afrika.
There's wild baboons, giraffes &
such here - it's unbelievable!
Tonight we ate in the very colonial
Victoria Falls Hotel. Nice.
Love, David
P.S. This is only a part of the Victoria Falls.
We counted around 5 rainbows & Got drenched by the mist.

WHITE RHINOCEROS - Kruger National Park

Postcard from RSA with a rhino & baby rhino on front
It reads on the writing side -
White Rhinoceros Kruger National Park
The Ceratotherium simum - White Rhino - is the same grey
colour as its counterpart the Black Rhino, but probably derived its
name from the 'wide' square mouth

Jan. 19, '92
Dear Steve -
as I write everyone -
I've got too many tales
to tell... I've hitched all over
this awesome country, but 5 days
ago I rented a car with an English
couple & we've driven through
Swaziland, Kruger National Park
where we saw herds of elephants,
lions, zebras, baboons, some Rhino
& child just like this card, Springbok,
Wildebeest, hippos, etc. It was unreal.
Today we visited 4 magnificent waterfalls.
I took loads of picture. I leave
Wed. for Zimbabwe - then back to Johannesberg
Love, David
P.S. I've turned 32 here...


Postcard with the Queen in a beautiful blue dress wearing a crown of blue sapphires and sapphire necklace and sapphire earrings - I guess that's what they are

To Steve & Dale
Maumee, Ohio

Thinking of you... ha!

David (in Hebrew)

I ... w/some Arab (who's in prison, but gets out to work) last week... He was really nice.
Last night went out drinking again in Bet-Shean. I've got to quit drinking - for many reasons. Spent all of Independence Day sunning at Sakhne, now I'm throwing out stuff preparing to leave junk w/Miriam, travel lightly on a ferry to Cyprus, then Athens, Greece, then Germany & London to N.Y. to Detroit to Toilet, Ohio! Maybe in 2-4 wks. Wuv, me
P.S. Excuse the torn tape marks. I bought this last yr. in London & always kept it prominently
displayed on my wall. Ha.


Beautiful postcard that simply reads "Bridges of Prague"
addressed to Steve & Doris Gwinn, Toledo, Ohio

Sept 3, '91

Shalom from
Prague, Czechoslavakia!
It's absolutely beautiful
here & a photographers fantasy. We've just finished
touring their castle & are now resting in the Royal Gardens.
The weather has been gorgeous.
We went dancing last night
& had fun. The oldest synagogue in Europe is here.
Donna & I have been hanging w/our youth hostel roommate
who's from Berlin. We've been here 3 nights & leave tomorrow
by train (8 hrs. again) for Budapest, Hungary,
Love, David

See Praha (Prague, Czechoslavakia)