Monday, September 10, 2007

Steve's dead and I'm deprived of a good friend

Doris, Steve's mom (my friend Steve Gwinn from Toledo, Ohio who saved all my cards and letters that inspired this Life is a Trek blog), was going through some papers today and found this aerogramme from me from Jerusalem, Israel with a return address of a friend in Jerusalem who lived on Efrata:
June 28, '95
12:45 PM
Dearest Doris,
Shalom from Jerusalem.
How it makes me sick to write you under such circumstances. I called home & my mom & sister Kim told me about Steve. I also received more information & funeral announcements from Tony in the mail the other day.
Even though I'm not surprised, I'm still incapable of believing my beloved friend Steve won't be one of the first people to call whenever I'm back in the States again. I do know about & believe in the hope of our resurrection and reconciliation, but meanwhile feel deprived of a good friend who's been through heaven & hell with me - from Ohio & Michigan, to West Virginia & Florida.
I appreciate hearing you had my book out at the showing & that picture of Steve, Richard & I in my mom's kitchen. I hope Steve received at least the one postcard I had sent him. I've been so busy working at a guest house - where I was used like a slave since I was broke & needed a place to stay - that I hardly wrote anyone.
Now I'm working the night shift for a youth hostel near the old walled City of Jerusalem, near the Damascus Gate. I'll find out very soon whether or not I'll get permanent residence here or not. If so, then I'll be able to get a real job & get an apt. If not I'll return to the States somehow.
I met Jerusalem's mayor & ex-mayor briefly recently. I've also met a lot of nice people. I'll keep you posted & in my prayers.
Love you,

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