Thursday, April 03, 2008

Waiting for you (in Athens)

Was going nuts looking for my library card (finally found it), but I found this from my beloved Donna (British) in Germany (at my former roommates apt) and enjoyed the flashback:

22/6/90 (Daisies)
Shalom David (written in Hebrew)
Hi David,
How ya doing? I am finally leaving Andreas' after a long, long stay! I feel bad for staying too long! I have no money so I am going to Athens tomorrow morning. I had to pay the driver 100DM! my mother sent me $120 but I can't wait any longer so I am asking Andreas to give it to you, to give me in Athens - so I can get back to Israel with it! I will try and get work there and wait for you! I will put a note up on the hostel where we stayed + also (if I have any money) telephone that man + tell him where you can contact me. I really miss you and wish you were here NOW! The weather here is TERRIBLE, always RAINING. I did want to get back to Israel by 1/7/90 to see Chris off but it looks like I can't now - so I am unhappy about that because I really wanted to see him. I AM WHITE NOW!
Take care,
Love Donna (Donna written in Hebrew)
P.S. Here are the maps - you will need them! Say Hi to Johnny for me + find me a nice Italien man!
Take care hitching,
Donna (in Hebrew) with a heart and "shalom" in Hebrew

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