Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eastern Box Turtle with Heh

This Eastern Box turtle at Maumee Bay Nature Center has the Hebrew letter *Heh (pronounced hay) on its snout!

Eastern Box Turtle at Maumee Bay

Eastern Box Turtle
The box turtle gets its name from its centrally hinged plastron (lower shell), which enables both front and rear portions of the plastron to be drawn up tightly against the carapace (upper shell). This "boxes in" the turtle for protection.

The greatest threat to Ohio's box turtles is the thoughtless driver who makes no attempt to avoid running over them as they lumber across the highway.

Hebrew letter meanings
*He: 5, To be broken; to take seed; behold; revelation, three dimensions, divine essence, transcendent and immanent light. Brokeness resulting in unified existence, beholding God, potential Divine revelation, and the five voices of the joy of bride and groom.

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