Monday, January 25, 2010

Painting my kitchen listening to the Pet Shop Boys...

I painted my kitchen this kind of fuchsia color (since it sort of matches one of the colors on a festive mosaic table I have in my Dining Room - whose walls I painted Blooming Marigold), something Dutch Boy called Floral something, and then I was experimenting with the sponge to add some splashes of gold and green (since other rooms in my home have gold and green) but my sister (who is like a natural home interior decorator) said the spots had to go. So I tried going over it with a paintbrush and it didn't work. So last night, listening to Madonna, I started painting the whole thing over again. Today, I'm adding a second and third coat listening to the Pet Shop Boys and life goes on... :-)
Maybe I'll add some pictures here later.

It's later...

Later I'll probably show the fuchsia color after things are better organized (if ever!)... I need to do something with the floor too...

Festive Table in Blooming Marigold Dining Room
Festive Table in Blooming Marigold Dining Room
Festive table

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