Monday, December 01, 2008

Kibbutz Adamit photos

Here are some photos of Kibbutz Adamit volunteers and kibbutzniks, in and around Kibbutz Adamit (on the border of Lebanon up on a mountain from where on clear days you could see all the way to Haifa on Mount Carmel), with a few of Rosh Hanikra, Sea of Galilee, Montfort, Rainbow Bridge, the valley below us where we listened to hyenas - or were they wolves? - with their hauntingly beautiful howls and wild pigs rooted in the orchards and we lived with rumors of war... and from where I wrote a letter that was published in the Jerusalem Post ...

Here's a bittersweet letter I sent to my friends Steve and Dale in the United States while living there: Kibbutz Adamit, Israel

Enjoy the pics!

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