Monday, June 15, 2009

Fallen Timbers, Ohio Historical Society

Fallen Timbers, Ohio Historical Society


Resentment by Indians against white encroachment
reached a peak in the 1790's. Encouraged by the British,
they began to raid settlements. Two poorly organized
American military campaigns, led by General Josiah
Hermer in 1790 and Governor Arthur St. Clair in 1791
were soundly defeated by the Indians. President Washington
turned to Anthony Wayne to crush Indian resistance.

Wayne assembled troops at Cincinatti, then moved to
Fort Green Ville where he spent many months creating
a disciplined, well-trained army. By summer 1794, he
was ready to move.

On the march to the Maumee Valley, Wayne met nearly
2,000 Indians here at a grove of trees felled by a tornado.
After hard fighting, Wayne drove the Indians to the
gates of nearby Fort Miamis, where he defeated them.

In the Treaty of Green Ville, signed in 1795, the Indians
surrendered their claims to most of Ohio. The treaty
pacified the frontier for fifteen years and opened
Ohio to peaceful settlement.


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