Thursday, June 18, 2009

Highway Robbery: Illinois Toll Traps?

Having just gone through the state of Illinois from Ohio en route to gladly see the Badlands, Custer State Park and Wind Cave in South Dakota (among other places), it now sadly appears I went through a toll trap state! Why? Today I received an appalling "Illinois Tollway Notice of Toll Violation" demanding $62.60!

In Ohio and other states I've travelled through, it is impossible to bypass a toll. You get off at the exit you want and pay or you come to a complete stop and pay before continuing on. Everybody must stop. It's not that way in Illinois.

Here it appears, driving at night, I bypassed three tolls since I didn't believe they were exits I wanted and kept on driving. I honestly do remember once, undoubtedly the last one bypassed, that it looked like folks were getting right back on but I didn't look back for too long to see for sure since I was driving forward.

I called the toll-free number to question and complain and offer to pay the proper toll but not the outrageous amount they were out to get. I spoke with Tamika who said the tolls amounted to 1) $0.80, 2) $0.80, and 3) $1.00 with TWENTY DOLLARS FINE FOR EACH violation, due to confusion over their system, totalling $62.60!

Unpaid Toll


Total Amount Due or this or that other threat:
$62.60! $62.60 for $2.60 tolls!


I wasn't out to rip off the Illinois Tollway but it appears this "road rage" - this outrageous and exorbitant fine - is meant to take advantage of drivers unfamiliar with Illinois road ways. It appears the Illinois Tollway have worded the bill to completely cover themselves and offers no understanding or compromise. We'll see. I'll be glad to update folks if it's otherwise and Illinois is found reasonable after all, as I'm sending this published report to them when I request my written hearing. At the very least, I hope I've helped to save some innocent folks money who must pass through Illinois: beware the Illinois tolls!

David Ben-Ariel

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