Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blue Hole, New Mexico (Santa Rosa)

I had never heard of any Blue Hole in New Mexico until traveling from Sandia's Peak in Albuquerque through Santa Rosa (that seemed to have a loving and calm spirit of camaraderie) and asked a fellow at the local grocery store what there was to see in Santa Rosa and he suggested the Blue Hole first, and the Santa Rose Dam and Lake second (where I met two nice women who were in town for training or training others - something about the prison system). We have a Blue Hole in Ohio too.

My quick dip in the Blue Hole was refreshing and I had the whole place to myself, since the few kids who were hanging out for awhile took off, and I noticed walking around the perimeter of the site that somebody left their flip flops behind and somebody else left a quart of opened milk standing on the ground half full, even though a trash can was nearby. The place looks somewhat neglected but has plenty of potential. (I returned to thank the fellow but he was gone and left one of my Beyond Babylon cards - resembles my book cover, name, email and website addresses - with the girl still working who said she would give it to him with my thanks).

Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, New Mexico
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New Mexico
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