Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly (de Shay)

Spider Rock, in Arizona's Canyon de Chelly (de Shay), is considered sacred to the Navajo and is associated with Spider Woman who taught the Dineh (Navajo) how to weave. Navajo legend says Spider Woman lives on top of Spider Rock.

Spider Rock is an "800 foot sandstone spire that rises from the canyon floor at the junction of Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley" (visit National Park Service - Canyon de Chelly for more information).

Earlier I had visited Monument Valley and Four Corners (where I was able to give a copy of my book, Beyond Babylon, to a very nice and friendly, spirited, Navajo woman) and was eager to see Canyon de Chelly (de Shay is how it's pronounced, so why don't they just spell it that way?) but hoped to take a shower first, but the public shower (available for Navajo normally) wasn't available due to elections that day, naturally, with the area filled with politicians.

Thankfully, Thunderbird Lodge at the beginning of the canyon graciously let me use their internet in their lobby (for free) to email family and friends I was fine. Then I went and visited the entire North Rim Drive (4 overlooks - 34 miles round trip) and South Rim Drive (7 overlooks - 37 miles round trip), every designated scenic stop and spot, and towards the end was rushing against the setting sun to finish seeing all of the spectacular views. Mission accomplished!

Here are a few of my precious photos there of what God blessed me to see and enjoy. Remember to click on them to enlarge them. They are immediately followed by a slideshow of Canyon de Chelly as I saw it!

Special thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting :- )

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