Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Written to Steve and Dale on a postcard that shows Athens at sunset or so...

Wed., June 6, 1990

Shalom from Greece! We set sail from Haifa, Israel Sun. night, stayed for a few hrs. in Cyprus, continued on to the island of Rhodes - so beautiful, ancient and modern with alls around it, a castle - last night in Crete & 11:30 this morning in Greece! We're travelling w/two gay S. Afrikans we met on the boat... Them, Andreas, Donna, me & a Danish girl toured the Acropolis today, snapping away like busy tourists & walked all over Athens. The sunset over the mtns. was beautiful. We met a lot of nice people, especially Israeli - on the boat & drank all 3 nights Bacardi - bottles from Duty-Free. I also played the gambling machines to experience it. I only won tokens. Tonight we're all going to this gay bar - Grafittis except Andreas & the Dane hitched for Germany. So many gay parks here too. Now we're in a youth hostel - it's nice.
See ya!
David (signature written in Hebrew).

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