Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting ready to move again

Written to Steve & Dale on plain paper from Kibbutz Sdot Yam with photos enclosed
Oct. 31, '89
Sdot Yam,
Shalom! (written in Hebrew)
Just a quick note
to say please take this letter
of Bob's to Krogers for him, & when you see Mom - go see her! She now has her own home at... I'm so grateful to God & happy for her & Lisa -
give her any pics with "Mom" on the
back. I'm going to the next
level of Hebrew at
Kibbutz Regavim
Write me there. I'll send the zip code - "the postal code" as my
present English friends insist - when I get
it. I don't leave for there until
Dec. 15th. I might live down
South for 1 month on a farm (moshav) after
Nov. 12th. Tomorrow I go renew
my Israeli visa for 20 shekelim ($10).
Well I'm
exhausted & all
my friends just left
to crash so
I am going
to also.
We just got 3 new
guys from India.
A couple weeks ago
I hitchhiked to Jerusalem
for a day & back to
be in a controversial demonstration
for Jews to rebuild the Temple.
Did you see me on the news?
I was waving the Israeli flag...ha!
G' Nigh.
Lighla tov!
One of my "colored" friends from S. Afrika left tonight to be an au-pair near Tel Aviv. We gave her - Celeste - a silly send-off, acting stupid but fun.

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