Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sahne & Bet She'an near Kibbutz Reshafim

Aerogramme to Steve & Dale from Kibbutz Reshafim
April 15, '90
Shalom! (in Hebrew).
Tonight is the 7th & final Day of Unleavened Bread - matzo - so we don't work tomorrow - National Holiday... I just had to step outside because another room was playing my song - "Nothing Compares to You" - a tearjerker for me. Saturday I walked/hitched w/my roommate to Sahne - a water resort near here I'd been to once before on a Kibbutz trip... Donna & I might hitch to Jericho tomorrow, if not I'm going back to Sahne - tho' I got plenty of SUN & swimming the other day. Today Donna & I hitched to our nearest town - BET-SHEAN - where I had a Bacardi Rum & coke for approximately $5. Imports are expensive, honey! ... Did I write you last week I went to Miriam's for Passover? If not - I spent 3 days with her, visited Simcha also & Ilan & his family. Our kibbutz trip was postponed until this Thurs. then we go to Israel's southernmost tip & hot resort Eilat - where my Dutch boy is working - & to Timnah - a National Park until Sat. Maybe in mid-May, present plans are to take the ferry from Haifa to Cyprus to Rhodes to Athens, Greece & hitch/train/or bus to Frankfurt to fly to Amerika! Tho' after getting a letter today from Ann in England, London sounds fun. We'll see.
Ciao for now,
David (signature in Hebrew)

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