Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kibbutz Sdot Yam & Bolshoi Ballet

Aerogramme to Steve & Dale from Kibbutz Sdot Yam
Sept. 20, '89
5:05 p.m.
I've just returned from my first dip in the Sea in about a week. Not too many people today, but a lot of wind surfers with their brilliant colors flying by on the Sea. Thank you Dale for writing. I appreciate it. So far I've only received letters from a few friends & I love letters - they make my day. I just got up from a nap I took (after our Hebrew class today) about an hour ago. Last week I was privileged to work for our kibbutz at the Roman amphitheatre near us for the BOLSHOI BALLET FROM MOSCOW! The show was spectacular & I was able to meet 2 of the dancers later & get my picture with the one - blond hair, blue eyed Sergei Baranov who asked for my address after he gave me his signature. They tour Turkey next & in Dec. to Montreal, so I gave him this address & mom's & her phone # he asked twice for! Everyone here wondered how I got to work there, only another American, Graham, and an English girl, Ann, worked also. Then I managed to get Alex (Hungarian) & I in to see 2 popular Israeli singers. I don't know if I already wrote this or not...? I got my picture with one of them & later also with their cute guitarist & drummer! We recently had a field trip to the Golan Heights where we enjoyed breakfast & a swim in the Sea of Galilee near Kibbutz Ein Gev, then we travelled to young Kibbutz past volcanic rocks & to Syria's border, looking at their city Kuneitra. Then we went to where Jews first made a settlement - Tel Chai -through Kiryat Shmona, also to the beautiful Banias springs & WATERFALL where we also swam, then to Tiberias to stroll on their lovely promenade on the Sea of Galilee, stopping in Afula for cake & ice cream for this French guy's birthday & then singing Hebrew songs back to our Kibbutz. I guess I got trashed on vodka last Fri. night. I had a black-out - Doof (from Holland) and Guy (Israeli) brought me home, put me to bed & said I was loving & sweet to all the girls - I don't remember it at all! They said I couldn't stand...oh, well. Tell Leslyie & Bill & Chris hello. I haven't forgotten anyone but I'm broke here. When I get $ I'll send out cards. I also have 3 rolls of film to develop.
Love ya all,
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